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Manifestation Machine is a personal growth and development brand based in Green Bay, Wisconsin which specializes in teaching success-oriented individuals how to create their own reality through the conscious control of their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and actions.

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Cory Groshek is an author/blogger, lithium & cobalt investor, musician/entertainer, metaphysician, and founder of personal growth and development brand Manifestation Machine and new energy news site New Energy Narrative. He is also known in the music industry as Cory Crush and considered an expert on intermittent fasting in the YouTube fitness community as Low Carb Cory. His first book, Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series, a middle-grade fiction novel, was published in December 2016 and his second book, The New Energy Almanac: Lithium Edition (Volume I), a comprehensive collection of every known miner and/or explorer of lithium in existence, was published in February 2018.

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