Cory Groshek’s 30 Success Habits for Creating a Life Worth Dying For

Cory Groshek’s 30 Success Habits for Creating a Life Worth Dying For

Cory Groshek's 30 Success Habits for Creating a Life Worth Dying For - Manifestation Machine

I am many things: An author/blogger, investor, musician/entertainer, consumer rights advocate, metaphysician, and founder of Manifestation Machine. But the thing I am most proud of being is successful.

A few years ago, I was 31 years old, divorced/single, part-time employed with an income of under $20,000 a year, living at home with my then-68-year-old father, and in over my head with over $10,000 in credit card debt.

Fast-forward to today, and I am now 33 years old, married to the love of my life, self-employed with a net worth of over $300,000, living in a $140,000 house I paid off in full within six months of taking out the mortgage on it, and almost entirely debt-free (save for a little bit of interest-free debt I’ve taken on for strategic, wealth-building purposes).

While I may not be a billionaire, or even a millionaire (yet), I am doing far better financially than 95% of my peers in my age group (and, in fact better than probably 90%+ of people in any age group), therefore I believe I have a thing or two (or, in the case of this blog post, thirty things) to teach you, with regards to doing what Manifestation Machine is all about: Achieving your dreams and creating a life worth dying for.

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When it comes to becoming and staying successful, building and maintaining wealth, and reaching your full potential in this life, mindset is everything. In other words, you could grow up a trust fund baby with a silver spoon in your mouth, read all the best books, get the best education, have the smartest friends and family on the planet, and enjoy an abundance of cash and credit, but if you lack the mindset that I have (what T. Harv Eker, one of my favorite authors/public speakers/coaches, calls a “Millionaire Mind”), any success or wealth you happen to obtain will surely slip through your fingers shortly after you’ve found it.

For this reason, I am here today to share with you the 30 mental habits that I have, and which I’ve put to work for me for the last two years, that have allowed me to trade in my old, crappy, Customer Service Call Center day jobs and my old paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle for what many would call “The Good Life”: A life lived on my own terms; doing what I want, how I want, when I want.

Without further ado, please find below my list of my 30 Success Habits for Creating a Life Worth Dying For.

NOTE: Please take advantage of the check boxes I have placed beside each item on the list by clicking on the green Printer icon floating along the right side of this page and either printing this list now or saving it as a PDF for printing later, so you can see how many of the habits you can check off as you already having and how many you have yet to develop.]

  1. I understand that my thoughts become things and that I attract people, places, and things to me in accordance with my beliefs.
  2. I make my own happiness my # 1 priority.
  3. I dream BIG.
  4. I know what I want and why I want it.
  5. I focus exclusively on what I want, never on what I don’t want.
  6. I always have longer-term goals “on the horizon” for after I achieve my shorter-term ones.
  7. I make decisions based not on fear but on faith.
  8. I trust my gut and listen to my heart.
  9. I take full responsibility for my own thoughts, words, actions, and beliefs.
  10. I refuse to take responsibility for things I cannot control, including the thoughts, words, actions, and beliefs of other people.
  11. I avoid losers, time wasters, and energy vampires like the plague.
  12. I read…a LOT.
  13. I listen to motivational, inspirational, educational, and success-oriented audio daily.
  14. I learn something new every day.
  15. I make a LOT of lists (especially To Do lists) to stay organized.
  16. I run my life like a business (and am, in fact, a business).
  17. I demand respect.
  18. I don’t seek approval or permission from others.
  19. I am blunt/brutally honest (especially with myself).
  20. I make decisions quickly and change my mind slowly.
  21. I take calculated risks.
  22. I work smarter, not harder.
  23. I create my own urgency by setting deadlines for everything.
  24. I address small issues before they become big ones.
  25. I see problems not as problems, but as opportunities.
  26. I ask for help when I need it.
  27. I don’t believe everything I see, read, or hear, and insist on getting my information from multiple sources.
  28. I cut my losses early.
  29. I don’t apologize when I’m not sorry.
  30. I appreciate what I already have.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Please leave a comment below and tell me how you feel about this post, or better yet, visit its sister thread in the Manifestation Machine Forum and join the discussion about the topics covered herein. I can’t wait to hear from you, and neither can the millions upon millions of your fellow Mechanics!

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Author: Cory Groshek

Cory Groshek is the founder and CEO of Greener Bay Compost, Green Bay, Wisconsin's only Curbside Compost Pickup Service, which he founded in July 2021. He is also an author/blogger, battery metals investor, & founder of personal growth and development brand He has also written a middle-grade children's book, 'Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series', which was published in December 2016.

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