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You Might Be a Manifestation Machine if…  

Cory Groshek
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You just seem to always get what you want, even if it sometimes takes a few weeks or a couple months to show up.

You think to yourself, “I want more money”, and then visit a local convenience store, where you proceed to find some spare change in the parking lot.

You have a desire to self-publish your first book, but don’t know where to start, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, someone who just happened to have stumbled upon your Facebook profile and who just happens to be an author themselves, reaches out to you, offering to help you…free of charge...

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I take 30 to 60 min out of my day to think:

what do I want?   And why do I want it.   😍 

NOT- when , how.   Only why!

That's it. Super easy to do. Put your phone down!!!
Give yourself some dailytime to get happy!