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How to become a successful trader?  

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Many people are trading in Forex and not all of them have succeeded in their career. You will find there are many people who do not know they can be successful in Forex. This article is for these traders who want to succeed in their career. You do not have to get a Ph.D. from MIT or Oxford University if you want to become a successful trader in Forex but what you need are your mindset and your hard work. You cannot think that following the other traders can make you successful in Forex. Many people start trading with groups and it is not good for their career. You have to know how to use your strategy. Read the trends and know if the trends are good for you and place your trade for making money. If you cannot do this, you cannot succeed. It is not the only thing that you should do to become successful in Forex. This article will tell you how you can be successful in Forex. There are many ways that you need to follow if you want to be a professional and successful trader in Forex.

All the successful traders in the Forex market have great level of patience. They never trade the market like the novice traders. They are always using rational logic to find a potential entry point in this market. Without having a clear knowledge about the technical and fundamental factors of this market, it will be really hard for you to make a consistent profit. You need to understand that trading is all about managing your risk. If you risk too much you are going to lose your trading capital. On the contrary, if you trade with a very small lot size, you won’t be able to support your family. You have to find the perfect balance to become a professional trader.

Knowledge of trading industry

Knowledge is power. You have to educate yourself about the financial industry with a high level of precision. In the Forex trading industry, only 5% of the traders are successful. So if you want to become a part of them, you need to exhibit some special quality. Instead of looking for profit factor you need to consider the safety of your trading fund. If you can stay in this game, you are bound to make money on regular basis.

Be patient

The first way to become a successful trader is by developing your patience. You cannot trade the market if you are always thinking of when the trend will come to your favor. These trends will move in their own way and you cannot control them. The only thing that you can do in Forex after you have placed your trade is waiting. You can wait for the trends to get over and place your new trades or you can wait for the trends to move in a position where you can make your money. Professional traders are patient traders. They know these trends will take time before they are reaped for money. You also need to practice patience when you are trading in Forex.

Practice in demo accounts

The second way is to practice your demo accounts. You cannot make money if you do not perfect your strategy, you cannot trade in live markets with your mistakes and it will cost you money. The only way you can trade in the real market trends with your paper money is with your demo accounts. Know these accounts are going to make you a more successful trader in Forex. These demo accounts can be of great help if they are used properly.

Know from the professionals

The professional people do not live on the mars and they trade with you. Learn how these people place their trades when they do not trade the market and what strategies they use in Forex. You can get many ideas when you follow these people.

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Trade with the trend. That's my #1 piece of advice. 

Don't rely on expert advisors. 

Treat it like a business.