How to Identify Limiting Beliefs, Rip Them Out by the Roots, and Replace Them with “Better”

How to Identify Limiting Beliefs, Rip Them Out by the Roots, and Replace Them with “Better”

How to identify limiting beliefs, rip them out by the roots, and replace them with better


Over the past few weeks and months I have picked up on a trend in my life, which has to do with me finding one seemingly great business opportunity after another, earning a decent amount of money from it (or, in some cases, a lot of money) for, say, a few weeks or months, and then watching as the proverbial well runs dry and the money stops coming.

Most recently, this happened with a position I took with a local nutrition center, where I thought I could really make a difference (and potentially take on a leadership role), and which I left after only two months, when I realized that management and I were not in alignment with each other. I made a couple thousand dollars there and then that income stream dropped off.

Before that, a similar thing happened with my newest website,, a news site dedicated to the electric vehicle supply chain (and with a particular focus on the metals that go into the lithium-ion batteries that power the vehicles), whereby I earned several thousand dollars over a very short period of time by selling advertising space on the site, only to watch my sales come to an abrupt end before the end of November 2018.

Prior to that, almost the exact same thing happened with the sales of my debut book (which is included in my list of The Best 15 Law of Attraction Books for Manifesting), a Law-of-Attraction-themed children’s book entitled Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series, which I published in December 2016 and heavily promoted for months via Amazon, Google, Twitter, and Facebook ads. All-in-all, I did manage to earn over $500 from my sales in the first couple months of release (which, from what I hear, is much more than what most authors ever earn), and occasionally I still sell a couple copies here or there, but taking into account all the money I spent on advertising (well over $5000) and the hundreds of paperback copies I ordered for myself and then gave away to charity, I am deeply “in the red,” as my investor friends would say, with the book.

Clearly, we have a trend here, as in all three of the above situations (and many more, which are too numerous to detail right now) we had essentially (if not exactly) the same pattern occurring: I would feel inspired to do something that seems like it would be a great money-earning opportunity, such as starting a new website or writing a new book, I would work very hard to set up a revenue stream, I’d earn a certain amount of money over a very short period of time, and then the money would run out or slow to a trickle.


So the question I had, when I woke up this morning, and which I’ve been asking myself for the past couple weeks, is, “Why does this keep happening? Why do I keep being given opportunity after opportunity to earn an income, only for the money to dry up after only a couple weeks or months?”

A couple days ago I mentioned to my wife, as we were having dinner on Valentine’s Day, that perhaps I have a deeply-rooted, limiting belief about money or about the opportunities that pop up in my life, or about the ways in which I can earn an income.

We talked about the fact that we both want all of our money to come from passive income sources, as opposed to is having to trade our time for money every week, as most people do when they work at “9-to-5”-style “day jobs.” We talked about the fact that we both love money, not for it’s own sake, but for the sake of what we can do with it (as in, help others, donate to charity, buy ourselves time to do the things we really want to do, but ourselves beautiful things that we truly enjoy, etc.). And we talked about the fact that, to my knowledge, I’ve always believed (and still do) that any of my business opportunities could provide me a sizable, sustainable income.

So what was my problem? I thought out loud at the dinner table. What is it, exactly, that has been preventing me from manifesting or otherwise experiencing the sizable, sustainable, at-least-six-figure income that I asked the Universe for over a year ago?

And then it hit me, as I was watching the below video by Regan Hillyer, wherein Regan discusses limiting beliefs and how to rid ourselves of them, among other things: I have had a limiting belief that has been so deeply embedded into my psyche since at least June of 2012, and that I didn’t even consciously realize was there until this morning, that could very well have been the root of this incoming-earning issue I’ve been experiencing for the past five years or so.


This limiting belief stems from an extremely traumatic event I experienced in June of 2012, when a fitness-and-intermittent-fasting-oriented YouTube channel I’d started seven months earlier, which had over one million video views, over 8000 subscribers, and was earning me over $600 a month, was unceremoniously deleted by The-Powers-That-Be at YouTube, after a group of trolls, who hated how much my videos were helping people, decided to target my channel for termination by “false-flagging” as many of my videos as they could.

At the time of my channel’s deletion, I’d just spent the past seven and a half years working for a health insurance company in Wausau, Wisconsin, and while the job paid my bills, I wasn’t happy with it, because I’d been feeling for a long time that I’d been wasting the most valuable hours of each my days doing something I didn’t really want to do for the rest of my life. And so when I became aware that my YouTube channel, which I’d original started as nothing more than a personal video weight loss diary and which I’d never intended to earn any money with, could potentially become a successful, money-making venture that could eventually replace my day job, I’d been ecstatic.

That said, you can surely imagine the shock, the anger, and then the profound sadness I felt after discovering that my channel had been deleted, with seemingly nary a care in the world by the YouTube staffers who terminated it. It didn’t take long, after that, for me to sink into a deep, dark depression, which would see me completely unmotivated, staring at walls for long periods of time, and ruminating over how everything that seemed to have been so right could have gone so horribly wrong.

Eventually, I did snap out of my depression long enough to start a new YouTube channel in August of that year, under the name Respect the Vessel, through which I essentially recreated all of the most popular videos I’d ever done from scratch, and which long-ago surpassed my original channel in terms of video views and subscriber count (albeit not monthly income), but unfortunately, the wounds I suffered that summer never did heal, as evidenced by the epiphany I had this morning while listening to Regan.

This is why, as soon as I heard Regan say something about treating our old, out-dated, limiting beliefs as an unwanted tree, which we need to get rid of by not simply trimming its branches but my pulling it up by its roots, I got to thinking, perhaps I’ve never actually pulled my pain from the summer of 2012 up by its roots, and perhaps I need to, and to replace it, and the limiting beliefs attached to it, with something better…something more empowering.


Now, in the case of my pain, and for the sake of successful visualization, I prefer to imagine my pain not as a tree (because I love trees), but as a big, tangled bunch of unsightly weeds. Once I got that image into my mind, I took it into meditation this morning, in a quiet, upstairs bedroom, and proceeded to use a combination of Regan’s technique for removing it and my technique for creating vacuums in my life, which the Universe is then compelled to fill.

First, I imagined (and stated out loud, as I was imagining) that I was gripping the unwanted weeds of my pain and limiting beliefs, which have caused me to believe that any entrepreneurial endeavor of mine will only make me money for.a few months before cutting me off, and then gently pulling them up by the roots and casting them aside, so they can never grow back.

Next, I envisioned the gaping, yet beautiful hole I’d just created–a vacuum, if you will–in the “ground”, where the weeds used to be, and verbally affirmed that I could plant something better in there.

Lastly, I did just that, and I imagined myself planting the most beautiful, already-grown apple tree, which was already overflowing with “apples of abundance”, in that hole and then plucking a bright, red apple from it, biting into it, and finding it to be the most delicious apple I’d ever had–one which tasted like absolute freedom!

As I imagined these things, I began to cry what were clearly tears of relief, and immediately, I felt as though an enormous weight had been lifted from my soul and a whole lot lighter, a whole lot freer.

It was at that moment that I knew I’d been released from the prison of my own mind that I’d been trapped in since June of 2012. And it was at that moment that I knew that, going forward, everything would be okay, and that the problems that had been plaguing me for the past five-plus years, with regards to my income-earning ability, had just gone out the window and been replaced with limitless abundance.


Now, this is not to say that I don’t still have other limiting beliefs I need to work through, because God knows I do (and don’t we all?), but it is to say that I have a much better chance now of attracting to myself the sizable, sustainable, at-least-six-figure income I asked for over a year ago.

You see, any time we have a limiting belief, as I did, it acts as a blockage for us and prevents the free flow of abundance into our lives in some way or another. This is why it is necessary to examine or analyze ourselves (or our mindsets), to dig deep into our psyches, and to identify any and all such beliefs, so we can rip them out by their roots (ever so gently) and replaced them with something better.

To do this, we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to ask ourselves difficult questions, which often times our egos don’t like, such as, “Do I have any limiting beliefs that could be preventing me from achieving my goals?” and if so, “What are they?”

Beyond that, we need to take a cold, hard, unemotional look around us, at our present circumstances, and assuming they do not appear as we’d like them to, ask ourselves, Is it possible that the reason my present-day reality doesn’t match up with the life of my dreams is that I’ve been holding onto antagonistic, conflicting, or otherwise opposing beliefs about what I am capable of or what’s supposed to happen when I do certain things?


In my case, when I asked this question, the answer was a resounding yes, because I’d been holding onto a negative, limiting, and extremely counterproductive expectation that every time I would try to earn some money doing something I love, or something entrepreneurial, I would earn a little bit of money, only to see, as I said earlier, the well run dry just weeks or months later.

Perhaps my ego had held onto this belief for me for so long in an attempt to “protect” me from ever having to experience the pain of the summer of 2012 again, but in doing so, it wasn’t protecting me at all, but rather putting up roadblocks on my path to prosperity, making me doubt myself, and instilling in me an unconscious fear that every entrepreneurial venture I would engage in going forward would meet with failure in much the same way my original YouTube channel did.

The good news is that as soon as I consciously recognized that this is what my ego was doing, and as soon as I recognized that its behavior was not in my best interests, I was able to do a “manual override” of sorts in my mind and replace the ego’s old, out-dated, and detrimental programming with something far more empowering (not to mention profitable).

Going forward, I now expect the floodgates to be wide open in my life and for the tsunami of abundance my ego has been holding back for the last five-plus years to come rushing in, and I couldn’t be more excited about it, and so should you be, because now you have a strategy for eliminating your own limiting beliefs as well.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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Author: Cory Groshek

Cory Groshek is the founder and CEO of Greener Bay Compost, Green Bay, Wisconsin's only Curbside Compost Pickup Service, which he founded in July 2021. He is also an author/blogger, battery metals investor, & founder of personal growth and development brand He has also written a middle-grade children's book, 'Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series', which was published in December 2016.

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