How to Translate or Interpret Repeating “Angel” Numbers, Sacred Symbolism, and Other Messages from the Universe

How to Translate or Interpret Repeating “Angel” Numbers, Sacred Symbolism, and Other Messages from the Universe

How to Translate or Interpret Repeating Angel Numbers, Sacred Symbolism, and Other Messages from the Universe


Like me, you have probably read blog after blog and book after book on the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws (hopefully including many on my list of The 15 Best Law of Attraction Books for Manifesting), and perhaps you’ve had some success in manifesting the things you want, but I’m here to tell you that there’s one area in your life which, if you don’t learn how to handle it, has major potential to hold you back. This is:


It is one thing to know what you want, visualize yourself as already having it and feel the way you’d feel if your wishes were fulfilled, but it’s another thing entirely to know what to do with the signs, the guide posts, and the symbology that the Universe (or angels, spirit guides, your higher self, etc.) will inevitably send you as you inch your way closer and closer to that which you want.

For example, people will often times think to themselves, “I want a million dollars in my bank account” and, assuming they don’t carry in their minds a conflicting, counterproductive, or otherwise antagonistic thought (and that they carry a commensurate amount of conviction in their heart), they’ll set themselves on the path to prosperity, no problem.

The problem for most people arises when it comes time for the Universe to send them signs that what they’ve requested is on its way and for these people to accept (and receive) these signs for what they are, which are in many cases a “down payment” or a “preview of coming attractions.”

For example, someone who has determined that he’d like a million dollars, for whatever reason, and who has done all the things recommended by most Law-of-Attraction-oriented “life coaches” and “gurus,” such as visualization exercises, affirmations, and vision or dream boards or diaries, will, after a short while, begin to look for evidence that what they want is on it’s way. But unfortunately, in doing so, this man will typically overlook certain physical signs and manifestations as he goes about his daily business, while simultaneously seeking out only the signs he consciously expects, such as large sums of money, huge checks, and/or winning lottery tickets arriving at his proverbial door step.


He, and others like him, do this because they don’t understand how the Universe, or angels, spirit guides, or higher selves work, or how they speak to us. They don’t understand that angels, for example, can’t simply pop into our kitchen while we’re cooking some eggs or baking some cookies to say, “Hello! I just thought I’d drop by to let you know that your wants and needs will be manifested at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight, so you might want to have some clothes on at that time.”

Yes, angels, spirit guides, and our higher selves do have the ability to communicate with us, but often times it is in ways we’re not accustomed to, or in what I would call coded language, and it is up to us, as individuals, to properly translate or interpret the signs we’re shown, the guide posts we see, and the messages we’re sent. Unfortunately, because of limiting beliefs or unrealistic expectations, we often miss hints that what we is on it way, even when it’s right underneath our noses (and, in some cases, quite literally).

To give you an example from my personal life, I like many people (and the man in the example above), used to think I wanted a million dollars. And like most Law of Attraction advocates and metaphysicians-in-training, I would listen to motivational speeches by the likes of Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield, fall asleep to affirmation-filled, “subconscious mind”-oriented audio, and tell myself day in and day out that I was healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Each and every day, I’d go out into the world and think I was going to receive a financial windfall, and when it didn’t come, I began to get discouraged. I began to wonder if I was doing something wrong. And you know what? It turns out I was, because one day, I noticed something strange: The same three or four digit numbers (mostly three digits) kept popping up again and again in my life, often times on the license plates of the vehicles around me.


For example, a few years ago, I took a road trip to the capitol of Wisconsin, Madison, and on the way there, I witnessed not one but two license plates with the number 888 on them. And as if that wasn’t synchronistic enough, on the way home I saw another two plates with that exact same number!

Now, this is just one of many examples (of which there are far too many to count) of situations whereby I’ve been given the sign of repeating numbers by the Universe, and when it happened to me the first time, I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. All I knew was that there was no way that such a thing could be a coincidence (especially whereas I’d already learned that there is no such thing as coincidence, luck, or random chance) and that the numbers must mean something.

Having no idea who or what was sending me the numbers, I did what I always do when I don’t know the answer to something and I Google-searched the situation. And when I did so, I learned something very interesting, which is that these repeating numbers are often referred to as “angel numbers” and that there are several websites in existence that are dedicated to the meaning of them.

One such website, which immediately jumped out at me, and which is clearly very popular (as it is highly-ranked on Google for any search that starts with a three-digit number followed by “ang…” for “angel number”), is Joanne’s Sacred Scribes.

On Joanne’s site, she has painstakingly ascribed meaning, in the form of multiple paragraphs, to individual angel numbers ranging from 1 all the way up to, last time I checked, the low 3000s. And in doing so, he has created a place where people like me can go to plug in the numbers we see on license plates and elsewhere to see what, if anything, the Universe is trying to tell us.

Now, if you’re skeptical, as I once was, I don’t blame you, because you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “How could some lady named Joanne in Australia possibly know what the license plate numbers I’m seeing here in my hometown mean?”

But consider this: Perhaps it is not Joanne herself who is telling you what the numbers mean, but rather the Universe itself (or your angels, spirit guides, higher self, etc.) which is simply using Joanne and her website as a messenger, similar to how the Universe might use you to tell a lady that she dropped her keys or a man that he dropped his wallet on the way out of your local grocery store.

Another way to look at it is like this (and this is how I like to personally like to interpret things): What if the Universe, in all its infinite wisdom, knows you better than you perhaps even know yourself, and knows that you would, if shown the same numbers again and again and again, go home and do a Google search (or some other kind of research) to decipher the meaning of such things?

Clearly, the Universe knows how great I am at research (hence why it guided me into investing a little over four years ago) and that I am a very open-minded individual who is into the esoteric, the metaphysical, and the spiritual, which would explain why it would use repeating numbers to speak to me (and by the way, if you’re curious about what Joanne believes the number 888 means, you can learn all about it here).

Now, this is not to say that repeating numbers are the only way the Universe communicated with us, or that it’s even its preferred method of communication. Because everyone interprets or responds things differently, it is incumbent upon our personal messengers (the aforementioned angels), for example, to speak to us in a way that makes sense to us (and maybe even us alone).


This brings me to my next example of a way in which the Universe can give us clues as to what lies ahead for us or, in some cases, is already flowing into our lives: By, as often happens in the case where an individual has requested money from the Universe, dropping coins, gift cards, and other things of monetary (or potential monetary) value on the ground or laying around for us to find.

Personally, and ever since I learned about the Law of Attraction back in February of 2014, my wife and I have been finding coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, everywhere I go, including when I’m waiting in line at or walking out of my local Woodman’s grocery store, in the parking lot of my local Shell station, and even hidden beneath the X and O blocks of an industrial-themed, large-scale Tic-Tac-Toe game in the lobby of an office where my sister-in-law works.

Additionally, we have found gift cards in multiple locations, including a completely unused, $25 Barnes and Noble gift card in the Woodman’s parking lot and, most recently, a barely-used gift card for a clothing store called Forever 21, with almost $25 still on it, which was tucked inside of a book I just happened to flip open to exactly the right page at my local Goodwill store.

On top of this, my wife and I even found a “non-winning” Wisconsin lottery scratch-off ticket at our local Pick N Save grocery store, which, while it may not have been an “instant winner”, nonetheless afforded my wife and I the opportunity to mail it into a “2nd Chance” drawing for a chance to win up to $1000.

As you can see, there are many ways in which the Universe can send you not only “alternative” forms of abundance, such as an abundance of assistance in the form of inspirational angel numbers, but actual monetary abundance, including, in many cases, cold, hard cash and coins. The question is, are you, and everyone else reading this right now, going to accept such abundance when you see it? Or are you going to do what most people do when they see a penny or a nickel on the ground and walk right past it, because, you know, “A penny isn’t worth it,”…right?


Not only is a penny (or any form of abundance, for that matter) worth picking up, especially when it comes to you for free, but it is required to be picked up, and not only picked up but appreciated for what it truly represents, because a penny is not just a penny, nor is a gift card just a gift card, when it comes to the Law of Attraction and the manifestation of your wants, needs, and desires; indeed, any abundance you find lying on the ground or elsewhere is a sign, or a signal, to you, from the Universe, that you are on your way to getting what you want, and an opportunity for you to either accept the abundance you’ve asked for or to outright reject it.

And make no mistake about it: If you reject the abundance, or Universal “down payment” that may come to you in the form of anything I’ve mentioned above, or any other form, for that matter, then you may as well say “No, thank you” to the Universe and “I’ve changed my mind about that whole ‘becoming a millionaire thing,'” because by rejecting even a tiny amount of your abundance, you are literally rejecting the whole kit and caboodle.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself this: What if the pennies or partially used gift cards I find aren’t just what they appear to be at first glance, but the first, say, $0.01 or $25.00 of the million dollars I’ve asked for? And what if, by rejecting these things, I’m rejecting the remaining $999,999,999.99, for example?

If we put it this, it’s easier to understand how a penny isn’t just a penny, and that a penny could, in fact, be just the first inkling of bigger things to come. Accordingly, you had better, next time you see a penny lying on the ground, pick it up, lest the Universe should determine that you don’t really want what you’ve requested and let someone else who is more “deserving” or “desiring” of it have it instead.


Moving on, another way the Universe can communicate with us—and I will warn you; we are getting into “advanced” communication methods now—is by manifesting odd or unusual events in our lives, which we are then intended to translate or interpret in whatever way we see fit.

Now, I will tell you up front that there is no right or wrong way, necessarily, to translate or interpret these things, and ultimately, the way in which you choose to do so just needs to “feel right” or resonate with you, but having said that, I have developed my own personal system for interpreting events, and I’d like to share it with you.

To start off with, I will tell you of an event that happened to me a couple days ago, when I was stopped in the parking lot of my bank and getting ready to go inside to deposit a check.

As I was sitting there, listening to the a new song by the Christian band Casting Crowns, which I’d never heard before and which is entitled “Only Jesus,” I heard some strange honking. At first, I thought nothing of it, but as it continued, I began to wonder if the DJ playing the song at the radio station had accidentally left his mic on and was making the honking sounds. But then I turned the radio off briefly and realized that the honking was coming from my vehicle.

Apparently, my vehicle, which had never done this before, was locking itself incessantly, in a “honk, honk, honk…honk” pattern, which honestly seemed a little like Morse code to Additionally, a picture of a car with a padlock superimposed atop of it was lighting up on my dashboard as this was happening.

To make the honking stop, I tried getting in and out of the vehicle, locking and unlocking the doors with my key fob, and eventually I got it to stop.

Now, at this point, some of you reading this think there is just something wrong with the vehicle, but I highly doubt it, and here’s why: Aside from it doing the same thing to my wife a couple days later, in our own driveway, as apparent message for my wife, it has never done this again. Accordingly, and as in repeating number and found-penny types situations, my intuition/gut feelings told me that this was a message for me.

Unlike repeating numbers, it is not easy for most people to figure out what the Universe is trying to tell them, because it doesn’t just give us some numbers we can plug in to a website somewhere. So when things like this starting happening to me a year or so ago, with a poster board falling off the top of my book shelf, lights turning off and on by themselves in multiple rooms in my house, and my basement door opening by itself, just to give a few examples, I had to come up with some way to translate these events into meaningful messages.

One day, it dawned on me that I should take a description of or my first thought about what happened, such as, for example, “Car locking itself repeatedly in the bank parking lot,” and plug the associated phrase in to a gematria website for conversation into some numbers that I could then plug in to Joanne’s Sacred Scribes site. (By the way, for those of you who do not know what gematria is, it is a Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures by computing the numerical value of words, based on those of their constituent letters.)

With my phrase in mind, I then found s great website called, which not only provides us with the Simple Gematria conversion of the letters into numbers, but the Jewish and American conversions as well. Accordingly, we get not one but three different numbers to plug in to Joanne’s Sacred Scribes, which, if we combine the meaning of all three, will produce a much more detailed message for us.


The true test, for me, of whether the phrase I’ve plugged into is correct or not is whether the meanings of the resulting three numbers I then plug into Joanne’s Sacred Scribes resonate with me or “feel right” to me. Also, I look for synchronicities in the meanings, such as things that appear to match up with the circumstances I’ve been dealing with in my daily life or messages that appear to relate directly to things I’ve been thinking about or asking the Universe for recently.

Assuming the messages I receive resonate with me, I accept them as divine guidance and move on. If they do not resonate with me, then I go by my gut and either try a different phrase in or just give up on the situation, accepting of the fact that maybe what I thought was a message for me wasn’t really a message after all (because we all mistakes sometimes, or look for things that aren’t there occasionally, especially if we’ve been desperate for signs or symbols recently).

Now, I do want to warn you: Sometimes, if the phrases we type in to are too long, we will get some four-digit numbers in response which Joanne’s Sacred Scribes does not yet feature, in which case we have a couple options: We can a) shorten our phrase, if perhaps we got a little too wordy or detailed with it, 2) assume we misinterpreted something as divine guidance when it really was just a normal, everyday, albeit odd occurrence, or 3) assuming the numbers we get still resonate with us, despite Joanne’s site not featuring them, break them down into two separate numbers each, one being made up of the first three digits of the numbers and the other being made up of the last three digits.

Ultimately, what you do with these phrases and numbers is up to you. And as with everything in life, you should go with your gut or act in acceptance with your intuition, because no one but you can translate it interpret your own spiritual or divine guidance.

In any event (no pun intended), I hope you have found this post useful, and I hope that, going forward, you have great fun not only in receiving your messages from the Universe but in deciphering what they mean to you, and then acting on them for the betterment of not only yourself, but your friends, family members, and the rest of the world as well!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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Author: Cory Groshek

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  1. I’ve always loved to hear your thoughts, Cory. It’s true that Angles sends us signals in the most unexpected ways. It’s just so sad that some people will miss those signs due to lack of beliefs on these matters. But maybe all of it happened for a reason, right? Maybe they missed that sign because they’ll come across something bigger. 🙂

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