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Are you looking to manifest more health, wealth, and success as an individual or for your group, workplace, or business? Are you interested in learning how to stop running away from that which you don’t want, so you can start running towards (and eventually catch) that which you do want? Do you have an event coming up and a need for a dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking public speaker to keep your audience on the edge of their seats and the gears turning in their heads? If so, Manifestation Machine is here to help, with personalized, one-of-a-kind services from its founder, renowned author/blogger, investor, musician/entertainer, metaphysician, and Peak Performance Coach, Cory Groshek!

No matter the size of your audience, your goals, or your budget, Manifestation Machine has the right service, at the right price, for all of your inspirational and motivational needs!


Whether he’s working one-on-one with you personally, or with groups both large and small, Peak Performance Coach Cory Groshek, has what it takes to help you switch from a “poverty consciousness”, which emphasizes lack, loss, and limitation, to a “prosperity consciousness”, which emphasizes your godlike ability to create your own reality!

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Far from being “just a life coach”, Cory Groshek is skilled in consulting with entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations of all shapes and sizes, with regards to streamlining their operations and getting everyone on the same page, when it comes to adopting thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and actions that promote success rather than failure!

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If you’re looking for a dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking speaker to light a fire under any audience, of any size, anywhere in the world, you have come to the right place! Cory Groshek, with his history of having overcome alcoholism, started his own musical recorded label, operated a successful YouTube fitness channel, self-published his debut children’s book, earned nearly three quarters of a million dollars in only 18 months through his private consumer and employee advocacy work, more than doubled his money by investing in New Energy/Clean Energy-related stocks, and launched his own personal growth and development brand (Manifestation Machine), is a one-of-kind, walking, talking, rags-to-riches success story that you, simply put, will not find anywhere else on this earth!

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