This is Exactly How to NOT Get What You Want in Life (First Charlottesville and Now Green Bay) | Manifestation Machine

This is Exactly How to NOT Get What You Want in Life (First Charlottesville and Now Green Bay)

This is Exactly How to NOT Get What You Want in Life (First Charlottesville and Now Green Bay)

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This is Exactly How to NOT Get What You Want in Life (First Charlottesville and Now Green Bay) - Manifestation Machine


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To say that I’m angry right now would be a major understatement, because when I woke up on the morning of Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017, I  thought it was going to be just like any other day. I thought I was going to wake up, wipe the sleep from my eyes, feed my cats, brush my teeth, throw on my shoes, and head out for my morning walk with my wife, like I do every morning. But as my wife and I made our way towards John Muir Park, a beautiful little park with an amazing playground, basketball and tennis courts, a baseball field, and a Little Free Library (which I love to throw free copies of my children’s book, Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series, into for my neighbors to share), we witnessed something extremely disturbing: Someone, or some group of someones, had spray-painted the words “FUCK TRUMP” onto the sidewalk at the intersection of Wiesner and Biemeret, in full view of the countless children whose parents walk them past there to get to the park every single day.

As if this wasn’t disturbing enough, as we continued our walk, we discovered more spray-paint on more things, the most notable things being two of our neighbors’ vehicles, one of which had the words “Dick Four” written on it in black paint and its rear license plate blotted out with white paint. It wasn’t until I’d get home and read the news (Police search for suspects in car vandalism, book burning and Car vandalism in Green Bay) that I became aware of the full extent of the damage causes by the vandals: Twenty vehicles (mostly higher-end; the less expensive ones appear to have been ignored) spray-painted, as well as the aforementioned sidewalk (which, thankfully, has already been cleaned off as of the time of this writing) and a city construction sign, and—most anger-inducing to me of all—several books from John Muir Park’s Little Free Library burned. Yes, burnedNazi Germany style.

This is Exactly How to NOT Get What You Want in Life (First Charlottesville and Now Green Bay) This is Exactly How to NOT Get What You Want in Life (First Charlottesville and Now Green Bay) This is Exactly How to NOT Get What You Want in Life (First Charlottesville and Now Green Bay)

Now, I don’t know if a copy of my book was among those burns or not, but really, it doesn’t matter, because when someone burns any books, especially the books in my neighborhood that are intended for my neighborhood’s children, it bothers me, especially when Little Free Library is a charitable organization designed to encourage reading and promote literacy in children all over the world, which are two causes I am extremely passionate about. The fact that these pieces of shit who burned the books would also drive around randomly destroying my neighbor’s property and that of the city that my taxes paid for is just the icing on the top of this giant hypocrisy cake.

Why do I say hypocrisy cake?

Because the people who perpetrated these heinous, criminal actions, who apparently hate President Donald J. Trump, most likely for being a Nazi or, at the very least, a Nazi sympathizer (neither of which he is), have behaved just as the Nazis did…burning other peoples’ books, causing grievous harm to the livelihood of people they don’t even know, and in general making life suck in a multitude of ways for normal people like you and me who just want to live our lives without the need to be looking over our shoulders constantly, wondering if we’re going to be attacked or targeted next.


It’s not even the fact that these scumbags would do something like this that I find most offensive; it’s the fact that they clearly harbor a mindset or a belief system that supports the idea that they’re somehow improving their circumstances or their “lot in life” by doing things like this.

You see, as a metaphysician, I understand the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction better than anyone. I understand that we reap what we sow and attract to ourselves that which focus on or, to put it another way, that which we are, and so I understand that the low-life, bottom-feeding, pond scum that destroyed my neighborhood are, by actions such as the kind they’ve taken here, are ultimately only going to bring such things back upon themselves at some point or another. The fact that they may or may not realize this is beside the point, because this should be common sense.

Simply put: If you do “bad” or harmful things to others, others are going to do “bad” and harmful things to you, and not necessarily the same “bad” and harmful things you’ve done, but, quite possibly worse things—things you probably can’t even imagine—because the way this Universe of ours works, it doesn’t just look at individual things you do and then say, “Okay, I’m just going to give Davey McDickhead here a taste of the very same medicine he just gave to so-and-so, in the same dosage he gave it to so-and-so, spread out over a couple of years”; it says, “I’m going to hit this piece of shit with the energetic equivalent of all the ‘bad’ shit he’s done to everyone and anyone recently, and just to make sure he gets the hint that his actions have consequences, I’m going to give it to him all at once, commensurate which just how much of a dickhead he was really being at the time he was doing his dickheadish deeds.”

And you know what? I hope the Universe hits these assholes and hits them harder than they’ve ever been hit in their goddamn lives, because this bullshit has to stop.

There’s no place for this bullshit in Charlottesville, there’s no place for it in Green Bay, and there’s no place for it in the United States of America, because we, as a nation, are better than this (or at least I’d very much like to believe we are), and I don’t care what color your skin is, what god you pray to (or whether you believe in a god at all), what school you went to, or where you grew up. This isn’t a black thing or a white thing, a red thing or a blue thing—it’s an “I’m a real fucking American and I’m really fucking sick of these unpatriotic, America-hating pieces of shit destroying the country I fucking love” thing.


For all the hand-wringing that has been going on since the 2016 Presidential Election on all sides of the political spectrum in my country, this type of shit—the destruction of our own neighborhoods and the places we eat, sleep, work, and raise our children—is not about politics. It’s about certain people doing the complete opposite of what one must do to be successful in this life, which is take personal responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and actions, which, by the way, are the only five things any of us actually have control over. It’s about certain people—I think it’s safe to call them losers, especially whereas, by their behavior, they are literally guaranteed to lose in the game of life, which, if you haven’t noticed, tends to favor winners more than it favors losers—being so focused on what they don’t want, such as, for example, Donald Trump as President, that they are completely incapable of focusing on what they do want, which, I must assume, is the same thing we all want: Happiness.

Because these losers are so focused on what they don’t want, by the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction (which I like to call the Law of Attraction and Repulsion), they are inevitably going to attract more, and not less, of what they don’t wantthat is, more Donald Trump, more “Make America Great Again”, and more people, places, things, and circumstances that “trigger” them, “piss them off”, and make their lives their own personal Hell of—wait for it, because this is important (so pay attention)—their own creation.

And you know what? I, for one, am glad—no, make that overjoyedknowing what I know about Universal Law and how the things that aren’t seen become the things that are seen in this world, that these criminals, these vandals, these complete and utter wastes of oxygen are not only going to get what they deserve, but what they’ve rightfully earned through their wrong thinking, their bad decisions, their complete lack of integrity, ethics, morals, and empathy, and their wanton disregard for the happiness of their fellow humans, and, furthermore, that they are going to get it swiftly. Because you know what they say: “Time waits for no man”, and when it comes to Universal Law and people like these degenerates and delinquents getting their comeuppance, time most certainly will not wait to give back to them the pain and suffering they’ve brought upon me and my neighbors.

Unfortunately for me, when the Universe does finally give back to them what they’ve got coming, I probably won’t be near enough to them to witness their wickedness swinging back around and smacking them upside their heads like the karmic boomerang it’ll be, but knowing what I know, I can rest assured, and would love to see my neighbor’s do the same, that the Universe always gives back to us just what we give to others, by the same measure and in due time.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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