Understanding The Law of Attraction and Repulsion (Manifestation 101)

Understanding The Law of Attraction and Repulsion (Manifestation 101)

Understanding The Law of Attraction and Repulsion (Manifestation 101)


There, I said it. And you know what? I’m not ashamed to admit it, either, because my definition of an “asshole” is probably quite different than yours.

You see, whereas most people conflate the term “asshole” with the term “jerk” and probably conjure up images of men cheating on their girlfriends, people cutting in line at the grocery store, or reckless drivers any time they hear the word “asshole”, I don’t, because I recognize that there is a big difference between someone who is simply rude to and inconsiderate of others and someone who, like me, is what I like to call a “charming asshole.”

For me, being a “charming asshole” isn’t about being mean to or disrespecting other people; it’s about fighting for what I believe in, refusing to apologize when I’m not sorry, and never, ever taking shit from anyone, regardless of who or what they think they are. In a nutshell, it’s about not being a pushover.

Now, being this particular type of asshole has its pro’s and its con’s, just like anything does. On the pro side, it enables me to wake up every morning, safe in the knowledge that no matter who or what life throws at me, it is not going to change who I am, what I stand for, or what my life’s purpose is. On the con side, it causes a lot of people to dislike me, simply because I don’t share their values, morals, or belief systems.

Up until now, you may have been under the impression that this is “just the way it is” by virtue of people simply not agreeing with each other, but I’m here to tell you that, in reality, things are a little more complicated than that.

Allow me to explain.


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According to the Law of Attraction, a Universal Law that I, like many people, was turned on to by a 2006 docufilm known as The Secret (which you can watch for free on Amazon, if you’re an Amazon Prime member), “like attracts like”, which is a really simple way of saying that we attract to ourselves people, places, things, and circumstances that are in alignment with our “vibration” (that is, our personal, energetic essence).

To put it another way, if we’re assholes, we’re going to attract to us people, places, things, and circumstances that carry an asshole’ish “vibe”. Conversely, if we’re namby-pamby, limp-wristed, bed-wetting types, who love to scream and shout about how much we care about certain things, such as helping Syrian refugees, yet would never consider (and have never considered) taking such a person into our own homes to feed and care for them, then we’re going to attract to us people, places, things, and circumstances that have a very liberal “vibe” to them.

Now, that’s all well and good, in my opinion, because if you’re an asshole, like me, who believes in not forcing my will or ideology upon others but allowing everyone to make their own decisions and think for themselves, then naturally you’ll want to be surrounded by other assholes and all make and manner of things that assholes enjoy. Conversely, if you’re a typical American liberal, you’ll surely see no problem with being surrounded by loudmouth college professors who can’t shut up for one minute about “institutionalized racism”, employers who are “all about diversity”, and easily-offended people who spend more time bitching and moaning about what other people are doing than paying attention to their own children.

Having said that, there’s a “darker” side to the Law of Attraction that seemingly no one (especially Law of Attraction lovers like Oprah Winfrey) ever wants to talk about, because they mistakenly believe that it reeks of “negativity”, despite it being nothing more than an integral part of the Universal Law they claim to love so much. That “darker” side of the Law is: Repulsion.

Yes, Repulsion. As in, the polar opposite of Attraction.


Simply put (and contrary to what most proponents and alumni of The Secret might tell you), the Law of Attraction isn’t just the Law of Attraction; it is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.

Just like with the Law of Cause and Effect, which states that for every cause there is a corresponding effect, and that for every effect there is a corresponding cause that preceded it, whenever we attract someone or something to us by way of our energetic essence (our “vibrations”), we correspondingly repulse that someone or something’s polar opposite (i.e.: whatever is not in “vibrational alignment” with us).

Does this not explain why some people love you and others hate you (for seemingly no good reason at all), why when previously impoverished or broke people come into a lot of money (such as via a lottery win, inheritance, job promotion, etc.) their friends all of a sudden turn on them (again, for seemingly no good reason), and why sometimes it takes you getting fired from a job you hate for you to finally replace it a better one? I believe it clearly does.

Having said that, our desire to be rid of certain people, places, things, and circumstances or to drive them from our lives not simply a matter of us disliking them on a physical level, but rather a matter of us being out of vibrational alignment (or harmony, if you will) with them. Accordingly, there is no more reason for you to feel “bad” or guilty about wanting to cut the “negative” people from your life than there is for other people to feel “bad” or guilty about wanting to cut you out of theirs, because it’s nothing personal; it’s just science.

Of course, when we cut off physical contact with people we don’t like or, say, block them on Twitter, they may not see it this way, and more likely than not, they will be offended by what you’ve done (assuming they ever find out you’ve done it), but this is not your “problem”, it’s theirs, by way of the fact that you have absolutely no control over what they think, feel, believe, say, or do. In other words, you have no control over their personal vibration and are thus no responsible, in any way, shape, or form for what they do or do not attract to themselves. Likewise, you are not personally responsible for other people feeling repulsive to you. Scientifically speaking, there is nothing you can do to not be repulsed by someone who represents, from a vibrational standpoint, the antithesis of who and what you are in essence. Therefore, in excising such people from your life, you are doing them a favor, rather than a disservice, as there is no way that they, being so out-of-alignment with you, could possibly have enjoyed your company any more than you did theirs.

So go ahead: Ignore those phone calls from your Aunt Nellie that can’t help but criticize your life choices every time she sees you. Better yet, block her number so all her calls automatically to voice mail, and then delete her voice mails without listening to them. Go ahead and block the people you don’t like or agree with on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, whether it’s over something as petty as them never sharing your content or as serious as you being as far apart on the political spectrum as humanly possible. Not only will they probably not care, but they’ll probably be glad you did (assuming they ever find out what you’ve done), once they realize how much better they feel as a result of no longer being in contact with someone they’re so energetically opposed to.


This all ties into two previous blog posts I’ve written, one of which, “Is Happiness Really a Choice? (The Truth About Depression and What You Can Do About It)”, is all about how happiness is an inside job and that it is your responsibility to make yourself happy, and the other of which, “Success by Association (How to Cut the Losers from Your Life So You Can Start Winning)“, is all about removing negative people from your life so you can get on with creating your own reality and achieving the success you know you deserve. But whereas those posts really honed in on the physical and emotional elements of why our lives are the way they are, this post is focused on the metaphysics of the situation, or what we can do, on a metaphysical (think “magical”, if it helps you understand what I’m getting at) level to influence your life for the better.

Going forward, I want you to understand that it’s okay, by Law, to dislike or even hate people, places, things, and circumstances you are vehemently opposed to. That said, it’s not okay to force your will or ideology onto other people, or in any other way seek to compel them to become more like you, simply because you don’t agree with them. This means, for example, that you should not be angrily arguing with others at the dinner table, in an attempt to convince them their political or religious view points are “wrong”, whereas yours are “right”, and you most definitely should not be using legal or physical threats or violence to coerce people into doing things they don’t want to do, when they’ve done nothing illegal. Instead, you should be consciously and proactively seeking out like-minded people who naturally agree with or gravitate towards you.

Now, I know that this advice flies in the face of what some people would say, which is that “We should expose ourselves the view points and opinions of those we disagree with often, to ensure that we’re not becoming too close-minded or polarized”, but the reality is that, from my perspective, and in accordance with the wonderful teachings of William Walker Atkinson and The Three Initiates, whose brilliant works, Thought Vibration, or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World and The Kybalion (both of which are featured in my Recommended Books List), have taught me much in the way of metaphysics, being polarized is not only a good thing, but it is the thing that separates a true Manifestation Machine (like me), who always gets what he wants, in one way or another, from an aimless drifter (the type of person much of Napoleon Hill’s posthumous follow-up to Think and Grow Rich, Outwitting the Devil, is focused on) who always seems to be getting the “short end” of the success-oriented “stick”.


Accordingly, I would not have you do what most people (mostly liberals) would have to do, and mindlessly (and illogically) spend any significant amount of your time with the likes of people you have no desire to be like, but would have you do what I do, which is intentionally surround myself with like-minded, success-oriented people who are either where I want to be in life or well on their way to getting there, while simultaneously removing from my vicinity anyone who strikes me as so out-of-alignment with my vibration (the essence of who I am) that I cannot possibly tolerate their continued presence in my reality. And to be clear, when I speak of removing such people, I am not excluded close friends or relatives. As far as I’m concerned, if someone claims to be your friend, or is “bound” to you by blood, yet is always at odds with you, rubbing you “the wrong way” in every way imaginable and making a living Hell out of your life, simply by virtue of their presence in it, then it is even more of a pressing matter for you to be rid of them than it is for you to avoid similarly-situated strangers.

Having said all that, you may argue against what I’ve just said by saying to yourself, “But am I not being nice by keeping these people in my life? Or, at the very least, am I not being mean by doing so? And am I not supposed to be nice?” To this, I say to you, my good friend, that one’s man “nice” is another man’s “nasty”. In other words, “nice” is an entirely subjective term, which means that what you may consider to be “doing something nice” for someone else, such as lending them money or allowing them to stay at your home while they “get back on their feet” after losing a job, may come across to someone else (including the person you believe to be “helping”) as patronizing, if not downright antagonizing (although they may never admit this to you).

What I’m trying to say is this: Being a stereotypical “people pleaser”, or trying to make other people happy, whether it’s part of the time, half of the time, or all the time, is a complete waste of your time, as no matter what you think, no matter what you say, and no matter what you do, there will always, by Law (the Universal Law of Attraction and Repulsion) be people who hate you, simply because you are not like them, whether on the vibrational level or the physical level (which is nothing more than the physical manifestation of the vibrational level). Again, it’s not personal, it’s science, so don’t get “bent out of shape” about it, don’t whine and cry about it, and don’t go curl up in a fetal position in some corner somewhere, wondering “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”, because I can answer that question for you right now. What you “did to deserve this”—whatever “this” may be, as in, whatever people, places, things, and circumstances that surround you—is exist, in your current form. It’s really that simple. And once you realize this, you’ll realize that what you attract (or repulse) in your life is not a matter of whether you or anyone else is a “good” or “bad” person, but simply a matter of you being a person with a particular vibration. Period. End of story.

In conclusion, even though you may initially feel “bad” about cutting the losers from your life—the fake friends, the abusive family members, the Twitter trolls who won’t stop bothering you, etc.—because of some cultural or societal brainwashing you’ve been subjected to, you’ll get over it as soon as you commit to the idea that “It’s not me or you, it’s us, and we’re simply out of vibrational alignment.” And with practice, you will surely come to find, as I have, that as you remove more and more negativity and out-of-alignment situations from your life (i.e.: do some “spiritual Spring cleaning”), you’ll feel happier and healthier, your vibration will be “higher”, and you’ll be attracting far more of what you do like (because you’ll be much more akin to it), repulsing far less of what you don’t like (because it simply won’t want to be anywhere near you), and, in general, experiencing a far more stress-free and authentic existence.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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